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2017 August 05

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Eligibility: Only For UAE Nationality

The Regulation of President’s Cup for Clubs 2017

Chapter (1):

The Organizational Committee

Article (1): The technical department of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation will act as the supreme organizing committee of the championship. It will take the necessary decisions for the successful of the championship.

Article (2): The organizing committee of the championship will establish appeal committee to consider the complaints and requirements of the championship and settle them.

Article (3): The working committees will be the competent to appoint referees and may seek the assistance of the specialized competent bodies.

Article (4): According the UAEJJF Executive Regulation under United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) set the standards for the Jiu-Jitsu Championship inside UAE and International Championships under the UAEJJF World Ranking 2017/2018.

Article (5) – The Jiu-Jitsu Championship will be played single with division by age group and weight.

Chapter (2):

The Regulatory Affairs

All matches will be held in IPIC Arena hall.

The weight will begin:

At 9:00- 10:00 A.M for Men & women on 5/8/2017

The fights will begin at:

At 11:00 A.M for Man & women on the same date of the weight.

Chapter (3):


Article (1): Apply online the membership of the athletes and members of the Club.

Article (2): the registration will be done by UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation via website.

Article (3): Each club must sign the final form of players before the expiration of registration.

Article (4): Each club has the right to participate with two players in every weight.

Article (5): The manager of the teams will be the responsible of performing the medical examination without holding any responsibility by the organizing committee of the championship in the events of injury or death.

Article (6): It will not permitted to add or substitute the participating players in the championship after holding the technical meeting, except in the cases of death and injury (submitting medical report) and after obtaining the written consent from the supreme organizing committee.

Chapter (4):

Regulation and Rules of the Championship

Article (1): The latest version of UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation rules in referring and managing all championship matches will apply except in the cases provided in this regulation.

Chapter (5):

The Championship System:

Article (1): The following are the weight categories and age groups.

Male Senior over 21









Male Juniors under 20









Male Aspirants under 17










Female Senior over 21







Female Juniors under 20







Female Aspirants under 17










Article (2): The weighing of the athletes will be held in place and certain time, according to the schedule released by UAEJJF and will be performed within the day and at least 2 (two) hours prior to the start of the competition.

Article (3): The Organizing Committee may cancel any of the weights mentioned in case of that the participants are less than (3), provided that the Committee notifies the participating teams of such amendments in the technical meeting.

Article (4): (one) hour before the official weigh-in should be available a scale that will be available to athletes, for the free weighing.

Article (5): – The athlete will be weighed with GI for competitions, check chapter 10.

Article (6): The responsibility of weighing is the Rules Committee, composed of two (2) teams of three (3) members (male and female), designated by the Technical Director of the Technical Event or its legal representative.

Article (7): The athlete can step on the scale as many times as need to reach the weight category, provided that, within the deadline set by the organization. If the athletes do not reach the limit of its kind, it will be automatically disqualified.

Article (8): Upon weighing the athlete must present ID or UAEJJF member Card.

Article (9): The fighter is allowed to participate in only one weight of the weights included in the championship; and the fighter is not allowed to participate in two different age categories.

Chapter (6):

Technical Conference

Article 1 – Technical Meeting will be held on time, place and time set in the event program.

Article 2 – Only be allowed the presence of representatives from each participating Club or Federation in the Technical Meeting, the same being done with any number of delegates present at the scheduled time.

Article 3 – In the Technical Meeting the following items will be discussed:

identification of Delegates;

confirmation of entries;

Drawings of the brackets;

guidelines and recommendations about the event.

Chapter (7):

The Individual Competition Verification

Article (1): All fighters must be present in the warm up room at least fifteen (15) minutes before the start of their matches, in order to reviewing the cards and the GI.

Article (2): When the number of competitors in the weight classes is less than six (6), excluding the verification system will be the rotation (one against all), performing the draw for numbering the athletes.



The type of competitions system to be applied in the competition will depend on the number of entries as follows:

1 entry – no contest (or category combining / moving up fighters).

2 entries – best of three contests (or category combining). If it is 2-0 then the third contest will not be fought.

3 entries – round robin, pool of three (or category combining).

4 entries – round robin, pool of four.

5 entries – round robin, pool of five.

6 entries – two pools of round robin, each with three players. Top two players from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of Pool A fighting the runner-up from Pool B and the winner of Pool B fighting the runner-up from Pool A.

7 entries and above - Double elimination with eight finals repeache. The athletes defeated in the eighth finals will compete for bronze medal, single elimination system will be used to produce the third place.

PS: For Country Qualifiers Single elimination will be applied. After losing a match in the qualifier draw, a participant is out of the main brackets division and out of the competition.


if less than 6 fighters Round Robin will be used.

Over 7 fighters and above Double elimination will be used.

Runners up on the eight finals and quarter and semi finals, fight for 3rd place repechage.


“Round Robin” Is defined as a system where each competitor will compete against each other.

To define the winners the following criteria are used:

First criteria: Number of wins

Second criteria (in case of an equal number of wins): The highest sum of submissions will decide

Third criteria (in case of an equal number of wins): The highest sum of winning score points will decide.

Example: Red scored two points and one advantage and Blue scored two points and zero advantages: the advantage is defined as the winning score (1 point) for Red.

4.Fourth criteria (in case of equal number of wins and sum of winning score points): Direct comparison.

If two contestants have equal number of wins and sum of score point, the contestant who won the contest between them is defined as better

Fifth criteria (in case of equal number of wins and no direct comparison possible because of “beating in circle”): The shortest accumulated time of all winning contests will decide

Sixth criteria (in case of equal time): Weight at the weigh-in. The competitor with the lower weight is defined as better.

Seventh criteria (in case of same weight): Decision matches. A knock-out system between the involved players will be used. A new draw has to be performed.

In the case of 6 competitors or less: a round robin system produces the gold and silver and one bronze for the 3rd place.

Paragraph 1 – After counting points, athletes will be classified taking into account the outcome of direct confrontation, to tie between two (2) competitors.

Paragraph 2 – There is a tie between three (3) or more athletes, when you cannot set the tie through direct confrontation, the tied players will make new confrontation with each other.

Article (3): When the number of competitors is more than 6 (six), including the determination will be made by the Jiu-Jitsu Asian Union system.

Article (4): The draw procedures are made on the same day, in the presence of the Head of the Referees Committee and Representative of the Organizing Committee, unless otherwise is decided by the Organizing Committee.

Article (5): Duration of the Fights


Under 17 - 4 minutes 

Under 20 - 5 minutes

Over 21 - 6 minutes

Chapter (8):

General Classification of Participating Clubs

Article 1 – Will be only considered the best result of each athlete's club in each weight categories in their respective class according the UAEJJF Ranking.

Article 2 – For general classification, will be calculated the number of gold medals won by the Clubs in the categories of weight and age class.

Paragraph 1 – case two (2) or more associations obtain the same number of gold medals, will be considered winning the club which obtains the highest number of silver and bronze medals on;

Paragraph 2 – Persisting the tie, winner will be declared the club that enroll the largest number of competitors.

Chapter (9)


Article 1 – Athletes classified into first, second and third places in the individual competitions will receive medals.

Article 2 – The teams ranked first, second and third places will receive trophies.

Chapter (10)

General Provisions

Article 1 – Athletes should present themselves for the competition with uniform (kimonos) in accordance with the rules and regulations of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) considering the official measures to both Kimono, white, blue and black.

Article (2): Each fighter should bring tow kimonos, a White kimono and Blue or Black kimono during the tournament.

Sole Paragraph - For the ceremonial Opening and Awards WHITE Kimono use is recommended Only.

Article (3) – Unless provisions of this Regulation, apply to all the rules laid down in UAEJJF Rules & Regulations Book of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation in force.

Chapter (11):

Complaints and Suggestions:

All complaints and protests must be submitted to the Organizing Committee in writing and signed by the team manager or his representative, in addition to the protest fees of (500) AED, which are refundable in case of accepting the protest, noting that any oral complaint or protest will not be accepted.

Any protest, regarding the result of a match or any incorrect application of the law provisions, must be submitted within (30) minutes from the end of the match.

Any protests regarding any decisions made by the referee during the match will not be accepted; as such decisions are considered final.

Any complaints or protests submitted to the Organizing Committee after the previously identified time will not be considered.




  • Men Ne-Waza 0 USD
  • Female Ne-Waza 0 USD
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Place Holder


Total medals

31 Gold
31 Silver
27 Bronze

Men Ne-Waza / Aspirants, U18, (15-17 years) / -50kg

Men Ne-Waza / Aspirants, U18, (15-17 years) / -55kg

Men Ne-Waza / Juniors, U21, (18-20) years / -56kg

Men Ne-Waza / Juniors, U21, (18-20) years / -62kg

Men Ne-Waza / Aspirants, U18, (15-17 years) / -66kg

Men Ne-Waza / Juniors, U21, (18-20) years / -69kg

Men Ne-Waza / Aspirants, U18, (15-17 years) / -73kg

Men Ne-Waza / Juniors, U21, (18-20) years / -77kg

Men Ne-Waza / Aspirants, U18, (15-17 years) / -94kg

Men Ne-Waza / Seniors, (21 years and older) / -69kg

Men Ne-Waza / Seniors, (21 years and older) / -77kg

Men Ne-Waza / Seniors, (21 years and older) / -85kg

Female Ne-Waza / Aspirants, U18, (15-17 years) / -52kg

Female Ne-Waza / Juniors, U21, (18-20) years / -55kg


Maha Al hinaai United Arab Emirates

Al Ain Jiu-Jitsu Club


Ashwaq Alkhoori United Arab Emirates

Al Wahda Club Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Female Ne-Waza / Juniors, U21, (18-20) years / -70kg

Female Ne-Waza / Seniors, (21 years and older) / -62kg

Female Ne-Waza / Seniors, (21 years and older) / -70kg

Female Ne-Waza / Seniors, (21 years and older) / -90kg

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