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AED 105
AED 105

Our protective equipment comprises of Jiu Jitsu Belt for Adults, Martial Arts Dress for kids, Taekwondo Dress for Adults, Karate Dress for Adults, Dress for Judo Karate to name a few. These are designed ergonomically and gives ultimate comfort, style and performance. It offers safety & keeps you agile.

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Material: Made from superior quality spandex which shields skin from Sun, mat burn, scratches and any potential infection.

Odor Resistant: It also wicks sweat to move moisture away from your body, keeping you as cool and dry as possible. Safety: All our products are tested first and only once they clear the safety test, they are approved.

Comfort: The ultra-soft stretchable fabric provides a comfortable compression fit that naturally conforms to your body, allowing mobility and free-flowing movement.

Fit Type: Stretchable

Washing Instructions: very easy to wash with hand but we would recommend you to Dry Clean to increase longevity of the sleeves. It also dries fast and is suitable for any climate. You can allow it to air dry hung on a hanger if washing at home. Do not tumble dry.

Durable: fine-tuned stitching which minimmizes chafing, looks and feels invisible while you practice.

Suitable For: gym, martial arts, taekwondo, karate, and judo karate, training as well as competitions.

Pattern: Sublimated graphic print which does not flake, peel, or crack even after multiple washes.

Tear Resistant: We manufacture products having appropriate strength using a reinforcing technique and seam protection to stand the regular wear & tear.