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UAEJJ Towel | 100% Cotton Towel / Quick Absorb Towel / Gym Towel / Sports Towel

AED 42
AED 42

Made using 100% cotton for optimal comfort and durability, these UAE Jiu-Jitsu towels will fulfil your gym and bath needs for a very long time. Our protective equipment comprises of Gym Shorts, Rash Guard Sleeves, Martial Arts Dress for Kids, Taekwondo Dress for Kids, Karate Dress for Kids, Dress for Judo Karate Gym Shorts, Rash Guard Sleeves, Martial Arts Dress for Adults, Taekwondo Dress for Adults, Karate Dress for Adults, Dress for Judo Karate, Gym Bags to name a few. These are designed ergonomically and give ultimate comfort, style, and performance.




































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Material: Our UAEJJ Towel is made with the highest quality of cotton fabric featuring high strength thread, which lasts long and is super sturdy. We make sure that the material used oozes comfort and lasts a lifetime.


Faster Absorption and Drying: This cotton towel is gentle, and soft and absorbs the water quickly. Absorbency will keep improving further after every wash. The lightweight cotton fabric makes the towel dry faster and is suitable for any climate.


Travel Friendly: Compact and lightweight, it folds down to maximise the space in your gym bags, suitcases, or closet.


Durable: We use high-quality cotton in our towels which keeps them dimensional stable and durable.


Suitable For: Bath, beach, martial arts, gym, yoga, taekwondo, judo karate, and training.